A physical product
for digital PRIVACY


In his book "1984", George Orwell coined
the term "Big Brother is watching you"



OK, maybe not anyone.  But every day, thousands of webcams are being hacked around the world.  Sometimes in order to gain valuable information — but most of the times, just to get a sneak peek of your daily life.

That's why we created Peeping Toms — a simple and self-adhesive webcam cover that works on computers, tablets and smartphones.  Simply put, a physical product for digital privacy.


The first collection of Peeping Toms is titled 'EyeSpy' and inspired by classic spy and surveillance novels such as "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" by John le Carré and "1984" by George Orwell.  Except that our eyes and spies are kind, we promise.

The collection is created in collaboration with swedish artist and illustrator Henrik Franklin.

Peeping Toms are sold in a set of 5.
69 SEK / $ 7.50 / € 7
Shipping: Worldwide

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"If you’re sitting at your computer reading this, smile, you could be on camera. Actually, don’t smile."

“FBI’s director, James Comey: “I put a piece of tape over the camera because I saw somebody smarter than I am had a piece of tape over their camera.”

"Are you being watched right now? There’s a creepy search engine for unsecured webcams."